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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files which are sent to your device (usually to the browser) when you visit a website. The device memorizes the cookies received to send them back to the originating website on each future visit. While visiting a website, the device you are using might also receive cookies originating from other websites and webservers (commonly known as "third parties") because such websites and webservers include elements (e.g. pictures, maps, sounds, links to pages on other domains) that are included in the website you are visiting. According to the purpose for which the data are processed, cookies are classified in "technical" cookies and "behavioral profiling" cookies.

  • Technical cookies are used only to "transmit a communication via an electronic communication network, or just to allow a service provider to provide the service requested by the subscriber or the end-user" (art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code). Such cookies are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the website owner or administrator. To technical cookies belong:
  • "navigation" (or "session" cookies), that enable the normal use of the website (e.g. they allow the user to complete a purchase or to authenticate and access reserved areas);
  • "analytics" cookies, that belong to technical cookies in the case they are used directly by the website administrator to gather group data on the numbers of visitors the website has and on how such visitors move in the website;
  • "functionality" cookies, allowing the user to surf the web according to a series of selected criteria (e.g. language, purchased products) and providing him a better service.

The installation of such cookies does not need the preventive authorization of the user, who, nevertheless, must be informed according to art. 13 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code. The information modality about “technical” cookies use is up to the website administrator.

  • “Behavioral profiling” cookies are aimed at creating a profile of the user to send him marketing messages according to the preferences he shows when surfing the web. Both the European and Italian laws state that the user must be informed when such cookies are used, for him to give his expressed consent. Behavioral profiling cookies are referred to in art. 122 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code: “storing information about a subscriber’s or user’s computer or accessing already stored information is allowed only if the subscriber or user is fully informed according to art. 13 paragraph 3 and gives his expressed consent” (art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code).

According to their time duration, cookies are classified in “session” cookies and “persistent” cookies.

  • "Session" cookies are temporary cookies disappearing from the computer when the user leaves the visited website or closes the browser. They are usually stored in the cache memory of the computer.
  • "Persistent" cookies stay in the user's computer even after the browser is closed and until they expire or the user cancels them. The expiry date is established by the website using the cookies and the aim of such cookies is to draw the user's habits for future visits: the website will read the stored information on the user and adapt itself to his preferences.

According to their ownership, cookies are classified in “party” cookies and “third party” cookies:

  • Party” cookies are sent by the administrator of the website that the user is visiting.
  • Third party” cookies are sent through the website the user is visiting by a third party (not by the administrator of the website that the user is visiting). Such cookies are not controlled by the website administrator. To obtain further information on third party cookies, refer to their information policy pages.

What cookies do we use on our website?

On our website, we use party technical cookies. The chart below shows the cookies we use, their features and purposes..

Cookie propri

Third party cookies

This website doesn't use any kind of third party cookies.

How can you manage cookies on your PC or Mac?

Each browser allows you to limit cookies or deny your consent to their use.
For more information on cookies management, please follow the instructions provided by your browser:
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